i-set completely modular,

  • still more friendly,
  • feature rich
  • and more time saving during the implementation and maintenance of your site.

Discover i-set, the newest version of the i-set fully modular environment increasingly friendly and rich in features that fit perfectly to your corporate Internet project, association, public services etc.

This new version fully satisfies any concept of website from homepage to large and customized website.

i-set contains many advanced Internet functions available to the user :

  • Extranet / Intranet Management
  • Customizable forms
  • Products Catalog
  • Library with document management
  • Creating a photo album
  • File Integration of animations and multimedia
  • Creating automatic links
  • Inserting the date of last modification
  • html page insertion
  • Secure access to certain pages of the site
  • Search functions on the site and in the catalog
  • Registration of clients / members online
  • Customer management / customer categories
  • Auto Breaks pages
  • Forum moderation with various levels
  • Bands adds with their statistics
  • The statistics of your site
  • Various administration levels of your site
  • ...

Webmail i-set
Managing Webmail
Merchant Portal / i73

Internet Solution Set SA

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Phone: 0840 0000 17
International : +41 840 0000 17
e-mail: e-mail-i-set.ch

Online shop

Module secure e-shop :

  • caddy,
  • electronic cash,
  • secure payment,
  • order management,
  • management of discounts,
  • management of shipping,
  • customer management,
  • inventory management,
  • etc.